December 1, 2023

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Will the Photo Blanket Be Compromised If the Quality of the Picture Image Is Poor?

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Will the Photo Blanket Be Compromised If the Quality of the Picture Image Is Poor?

Remember the famous photo of Bigfoot strolling across a trail in the woods of Alaska? Or the one of the Loch Ness monster out for a Sunday swim? Those were very exciting – except for one small problem. They were so blurry and distorted that you really couldn’t tell if it was a giant hairy biped or some guy in a monkey suit.

What if you wanted to put Bigfoot or your favorite Loch Ness shot on a photo blanket? Would the pictures work? Or what if you have a grainy black and white photo of Mom and Dad taken back in the day? How would those reproduce on a personalized woven blanket?

Hold Still and Smile

Of course the quality of an image can have an impact on your photo blanket. Some photos are just too out of focus or otherwise distorted to make a good woven blanket, tapestry or tote bag. But, those photos are the exception, not the rule.

Thanks to the both very skilled designers and very powerful software, most photos today can be transformed into amazing photo blankets. It really doesn’t matter if the picture is lower resolution or if it is simply black and white. The ability to make corrections, adjustment, and to fine tune the image allows designers to work with most images.

Software alone cannot make this happen however. Make sure the company who designs your photo blanket employs skilled and experienced designers. These artists can analyze a photo and make the necessary adjustments to assure the image transforms into an amazing looking photo blanket.

Not Everyone Does It Like That

There is still a strong reliance on using computers to solve all problems. Sometimes that is a good thing. Other times, well, it isn’t so smart. When it comes to finding issues with an image and making corrections before they end up woven into a blanket, there is no substitution for eyeball to image. Why? Because the adjustments aren’t all formulas and exact specifications. Sometimes they are just a “gut” feeling as to what might look better.

But, not everyone who sells photo blankets does it that way. Some simply take whatever photo or image that is sent in, scan it into the computer, and start the weaving process. Whatever comes out the other end is solely dependent on how good the initial, untouched image was. The finished product might be great or it might not.

Why Take Chances?

You really want an experienced designer on your side, checking to make sure the photo, artwork, or other image is as good as it can be before any yarn is touched. It truly is the only way to go. This allows even old, grainy black and white photos to be transformed into amazing photo blankets.

In fact, these older photos, done in black and white or with a sepia tone really make a striking family keepsake. We’ve found these older images, with a bit of “clean-up”, work very well on blankets, tapestries, afghans and other unique woven products. So, don’t be afraid to use an older photo or one you feel isn’t quite perfect. If it is a special image, it will make a very special gift.

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