November 28, 2023

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What Happens With Auto Repair Paint Jobs?

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What Happens With Auto Repair Paint Jobs?

Utah auto repair shops can do amazing things to fix up your vehicles. Utah auto repair technicians are trained to do a lot of different services. One such service is touching up the paint of your automobile.

If you notice your car needing a paint job, your local Utah auto repair technician can be the job done. There are different ways that the technician can touch up the paint of your car. Here are a few different ways that Utah auto repair technicians can perform auto paint touch ups.

If your car only has minor damage or chipping, it can be touched up easily. Technicians can repair small paint chips on your car with touch-up paint or a very small paint brush. You can usually buy paint spray in smaller quantities at most Utah auto repair body supply shops.

Larger paint jobs usually are repaired by spray guns. They can also be used by spraying paint through an airbrush. Technicians make sure to match the existing original paint color of your car.

They are able to match the exact color since most car paint have a specific pain code with it. This code is imprinted on a tag on your vehicle, or a decal somewhere that won’t be seen from the outside of your car. This helps the auto body supply shop to get the exact color match.

Before they begin repainting your car they usually need to clean it first. This helps remove any wax that might still be on your car. After cleaning your car, the area is usually given a wet sanding very lightly so the paint will stick to the older paint.

After the wet-sanding is finished, the primer paint is put on. The primer is meant to stick to the bare metal surface. Once the primer is set then the paint is applied.

The technician will spray over the previous paint to make sure that the paint is blended well. Once the fresh paint is applied it will be able to chemically and physically bond to the paint that is already on the car. After the paint is applied, a clear coat is then sprayed over it to seal it.

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