December 1, 2023

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Three Tips to Maintain and Clean Photo Frames

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Three Tips to Maintain and Clean Photo Frames

Picture frames are one household item that is found in every home. They are either gifted or bought for their sheer class and elegance. However, have you ever thought that frames also require maintenance and care or else they will lose their shine? So, if you want to keep them for many years, make sure to follow the tips given below:

· Clean metal frame:

There are different methods of cleaning photo cases made of metal. For cleaning aluminium, gold or silver coloured frames, all you have to do is to soak a towel in water, squeeze it and wipe the casing with it.

This way, your frame will shine again without losing its original look and colour. And for sterling silver, silver plated and pewter frames, make sure that you make use of high quality silver cleaner and carefully follow the instructions written on the cleaner. If you are uncertain about the kind of finish, first clean a small area on the top or bottom as a test check to ensure that it is not damaged. Always remember to remove your photograph from the frame before cleaning it. Once you are finished with the process of cleaning, make sure you wash your hands so that no residue of the cleaning solution affects your picture.

· Clean Frames Regularly:

Like you clean everything in your office or home, your frames need to cleaned and dusted regularly. First, lay a soft towel on a flat surface. This will help you in removing the photograph without scratching it.

Once you open the back of the frame and remove the photograph, take out the glass and clean it properly. It is advisable to clean it with soft cloth towel rather than paper towel.

· Protect Your Frame From Direct Sunlight;

It is important for you to know that ultra violet rays coming from the sun could degrade both the frame and the photograph. Avoiding sunlight decreases the chance of fading wood frames and colour photographs. To protect them from ultraviolet rays, apply UV coating to your glass or acrylic frame.

Following the above mentioned tips would help you maintain frames in a good condition for a long time.

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