December 1, 2023

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The Hierarchy Of Needs And How It Relates To Plumbing

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The Hierarchy Of Needs And How It Relates To Plumbing

Man’s most basic needs are said to be the following- air, food, water, sleep and shelter.

Your home should be perfectly equipped to provide every one of those needs- clean air, nutritious food, reliable water, and comfortable rest in a safe shelter. Because once you have these basic necessities, you can move on to the higher requirements such as: safety, love, esteem and self actualization.

We don’t want to sit in our homes and worry about the air we breathe or the water we’re drinking. This is why you need to take care of that most important backbone of your home- the plumbing.

Overflowing water or sewage can pose several hazards to you and your family’s health. Leftover water can turn into harmful mold that can cause respiratory problems harming even that first basic need-breathing. Overflow waste can contain bacteria that can cause infection or disease.

When a sewer line clogs, the result needs to be dealt with by a professional so that the potential for a recurrence is minimized. The qualified and skilled plumber has the equipment needed to clean the drains so that damage to your shelter can be reduced. Additionally the mess needs to be contained and cleansed so that there are no more contaminates or mold potential.

Clogs can come from that nimble toddler who is notorious for his ability to quickly escape notice and drop a Lego down the toilet. But you don’t have to have a 2-year-old to get drain clogs. Any foreign object can get stuck in greasy deposits already there and begin to collect other material such as toilet paper, food particles, hair and other items. A clog will quickly form behind a foreign object stuck in a sewer pipe.

Tree roots can be a hazard for sewer pipes. The moisture inside the pipe attracts the ever lengthening root. This growing plant anchor can creep into even the smallest of cracks or joints in the sewer line. The roots will then grow, enlarging the crack. These roots will quickly become a dam for hair, paper and other material.

With video inspection service, the clog can quickly be diagnosed. A proper course of action can then be determined-maybe a snake, environmentally safe drain cleaning or a power rooter.

When your plumbing threatens your basic needs, like air, water, and a good night’s sleep because you are worrying about your pipes, call a qualified professional. A professional plumber will put your worries to rest.

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