December 1, 2023

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Safety With Wooden Kids Loft Beds

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Safety With Wooden Kids Loft Beds

Kids loft beds are a great way to free up space, and give your kids more room in their bedrooms. They have countless ways that they can be configured from a double loft bed, bed and desk, bed and couch, they are almost the lego of bedroom furniture.

One of the things that parents really need to take care of, is to get a loft bed that isn’t going to put their kids health at risk. One thing you need to realize, no matter what you try, the kids will always be at some risk, like rolling off the bed while sleeping, or even using the bed as a trampoline and trying to “fly” to another part of the room, they are kids after all. But what we need to do is ensure that the bed will be able to withstand the sheer amount of things your kid will throw at it while their growing up.

The main thing you need to look at is the frame. Is it wood or metal? If it’s wood you need to not only make sure it is think, but solid as well, it’s usually best if you can get a hardwood loft bed frame, as they are usually the most sturdy. This is just as important with the ladder for the bed as well, even tho your kid will be sleeping on the frame itself, the weight will be distributed across it evenly, however with the ladder, it needs to be thicker wood as each rung of the ladder will need to support your child’s entire weight. Generally if you can stand on the ladder with it breaking or cracking, it will be good enough.

A Good Solid wood loft frame should be very stable as well, if it is swaying or moves if you try and push it, then the design of the frame more then likely doesn’t have the level of support needed to correctly support it. After you take these two things into consideration, you should have a look at a bed rail, while most kids will object to this, it is best for their safety. The last thing you want to happen is for your kid to fall out of bed from a height of 1.5-2 meters while they are sleeping.

The last thing you should look at, is the height of the loft bed, as a parent you’ll need to be able to see your child when they are sleeping, so it’s not a good idea to get a loft bed that is over your eye level. If you can’t see your child while standing normally you should look for a loft bed that is a little lower.

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