September 25, 2023

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MXL 550/551R Microphone Ensemble Review

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MXL 550/551R Microphone Ensemble Review

If the MXL 550/551R Microphone Ensemble caught your eye, don’t worry, it caught mine as well! For starters, this studio microphone is gorgeous! The red finish really adds a unique touch to it, and I am willing to bet that if you had this in the booth, you’d get a lot of compliments on it. Okay, okay, you’re saying, “it looks good – how well does it perform?” I’m here to tell you, so-so. You can’t have the looks AND the brains.

The thing about the MXL 550/551R is that it’s not a bad studio microphone, but it isn’t a GREAT studio microphone either. For the average studio producer who just wants to mix some vocals in over a beat, the MXL 550 will get the job done. However, for those who prefer the smooth and vintage sound that MXL is known for, they will be disappointed. The MXL 550 comes off sounding a little robotic, which to the untrained ear is no biggie. For those who consider themselves professionals, then that robotic sound will be the primary reason they pass up on this condenser microphone.

Here are the product features:

Internally wired with world-class Mogami® cable
FET preamp with electrically balanced output for uncompromised performance
The perfect vocal/instrument kit on the road or in the studio
Comes with plastic carrying case & mic stand adapters

Here’s what other owners of the MXL 550/551R have to say:

All in all, if you are looking for a budget studio microphone that looks sweet then this is the microphone for you. The price is great, and the quality is decent, so its safe to say that you can pull the trigger on this one. You can also get the MXL 550 with free shipping, if you look hard enough.

Until next time, keep on recording!

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