November 28, 2023

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Low Chemical Interior Paint is the Environmentally Friendly Way to Paint

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Low Chemical Interior Paint is the Environmentally Friendly Way to Paint

Eco-friendly interior paint
Sometimes the easiest and cheapest way to give your home a facelift is simply to splash some new paint around. With so many well known paint suppliers to choose from it is easy to forget that new products are being regularly introduced, not always by the “big name” companies.

Eco paints are the latest innovation
Paints contain a range of chemicals. These chemicals can be extremely harmful when released into the water supply via drains and when washed away in the sink. It is no wonder then that manufacturers of domestic paints in particular have been working hard to innovate and create less toxic products. Often, but not always, the most innovative companies are the smaller name brands.

The good news is, not only are these low chemical, low ammonia, low irritation products now much more widely available, they look just as good if not better than older paint types. They have also been created for modern life (wipe-able walls, low sheen, easy clean, one coat or long lasting), so eco friendly paints should be a serious consideration when you are looking to update your interiors.

What is a low chemical paint?
So how low is low? A low chemical paint will generally have much less ammonia than other paints. This means it will have virtually no odour. It will also have fewer volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds can be found in glues, wood stains and most paints. They release fumes and pollute the air inside your home as well as the Earths atmosphere.

Paints that fall into the low chemical or environmentally friendly category, however, have less than 1g of ammonia per litre of paint, when mixed with a low chemical colour. They also have very low levels of volatile organic compounds. If you are not sure how much ammonia is in the paint you are looking to buy ask the sales assistant at a paint store for guidance.

Other benefits of environmentally friendly paints
If you choose a low chemical interior paint when you are redecorating your home you will be reducing the toxicity of your home and doing less damage to the air outside as well. But there are additional benefits: these eco-paint products are good for people who are sensitive to chemicals, reactive or allergic, such as babies or small children, the unwell and older relatives.

Choosing an environmentally friendly paint is a healthier choice – and they cost about the same as ordinary paint!

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