May 29, 2022

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LEGO responds to box art error in 75309 Republic Gunship

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The LEGO Team has responded to the box art error in the to start with batch of 75309 Republic Gunship sets, providing a timeline for when the mistake will be set.

Instead of the acceptable Republic emblem, the box and guidelines for the newly-unveiled 75309 Republic Gunship’s first print run attributes the Imperial emblem. They are pretty very similar logos – by natural means, as one federal government just transitioned into the other in Revenge of the Sith – but it is even now an quick miscalculation to location if you know your Clone Troopers from your Stormtroopers.

The LEGO Group’s Senior Marketing and advertising Manager Ivan Podryadchykov has now described to Brick Fanatics (and other LEGO Supporter Media) that the firm is ‘working on an update’ to the set’s packaging and guidelines, but it won’t strike cabinets any time quickly.

“It is dependent on a lot of factors, but we imagine that you need to see 75309 Republic Gunship in the up-to-date packaging as early as December, or in some scenarios as late as February, based on the area,” Ivan says. “It is dependent on the demand, clearly, for this product or service, but undoubtedly early Q1 2022, we need to see this products readily available with the suitable logos on the packaging.”

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