September 23, 2023

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Interior Painting – Winter is a Great Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home

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Interior Painting – Winter is a Great Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home

During this holiday season, and with the Winter months just ahead of us, painting the interior of your home can help lift your spirits and fill up some of that extra time. Now that it’s getting a bit too cold to do much outside, especially if you live in the east, there is no excuse for not getting those inside projects completed. I’ve always liked this time of year, but a lot of people go through what’s called the “Winter Blahs”, and they would rather hibernate instead of being proactive. I’m guilty of this sometimes, too.

Painting is one interior project that can really change a persons’ outlook on their home and the season. Just imagine adding some warm colors to a room that has seemed cold, or brightening up your home by painting the woodwork white. Maybe there is a room that has always seemed boring and you’ve been wanting to paint an accent wall. Remember when you cleaned out the basement and you kept taking a peek because you felt good about what you did? How about when you bought a new shower curtain and towels for the bathroom? It changes how you feel about that space. Well, just think how you’ll feel if you completely transform your room, or your entire home with paint. I painted my own home a few years ago and it seemed like a whole new place.

Not only will you be making those wanted improvements to your home, but think of the time you’ll occupy by doing so. If you are going to paint your entire home, and you only have the weekends to work on it, you can make it a Winter project. If you have a family, let everyone get involved and do it together.

Some people feel that you need to have all of the windows open to paint. For some people who have breathing problems or allergies to latex, this is true, and I would suggest waiting for adequate ventilation. Most people aren’t bothered by paint and with all of the Low and No VOC paints, there’s hardly any odor at all, and perfectly safe to use indoors with windows closed. With your furnace on and air circulating, you’re paint will dry quicker than if windows are open and the outside humidity is coming in.

Always check with your local paint professional for the paint that best fits you and your project. If you are able, why wait for Spring to work on the inside of your home. If you get your painting done while it’s cold outside, you’ll have that free time to go outside when it warms up. Then think how you’ll feel when you return to your newly painted home. Winter is a great time to liven up the interior of your home and battle those Winter blahs.

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