October 2, 2023

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In Conversation With Anne-Sylvie Godeau of Lutea

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In Conversation With Anne-Sylvie Godeau of Lutea

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Lutea make hand crafted, expert grade artist pigments and normal watercolours derived from purely natural components. In this film, Anne-Sylvie Godeau discusses the centuries-previous tactics that she works by using to extract her colours, and how portray with historical pigments holds its individual particular attraction.


https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=KrVoHWBVrqM



:00 Introduction

02:23 The place does the title Lutea arrive from?

03:01 Can you describe your method?

04:20 How do you develop different shades of color, and what is extraction?

05:56 How do you generate a colour?

08:00 What is the historical past of lake pigments?

09:31 What is indigo?

15:00 What kind of factors do you take into account when producing lake pigments?

17:47 What is the most tough section of your procedure?

18:26 Why is it critical to take into account where your raw materials appear from?

20:31 Does the weather have an impact on the high-quality of the pigments you can extract from crops?

21:59 Are watercolours manufactured with lake pigments lightfast?

23:57 what are the most complicated colours to make?

25:16 You are really transparent about your process. Is it essential to share your craft?

27:06 Where did your enthusiasm for pigments start?

28:09 Has finding out modern day artwork been handy for your present-day route?

30:10 How do you be certain the pigment-generating process is environmentally sustainable?

32:10 When did you start off to make your array of watercolour paints?

34:01 Can you use your watercolours together with those people manufactured with artificial pigments?

37:11 What does the potential hold for Lutea?

42:03 Credits


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Lisa Takahashi

Lisa Takahashi has been a contributor to the weblog given that 2013 and a Jackson’s staff member considering that 2006. Her really like of artwork supplies spans oils, watercolours, acrylics and aid print strategies. Alongside her composing she frequently reveals her artwork, and teaches linocut and portray in Bristol and Somerset.

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