September 25, 2023

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How You Want to Be Perceived as an Artist

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two small square painting of bright pink and turquoise stripes by artist Alexandra Squire

Not way too extended back, artists did not have to get worried about points like their models. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and the noisy on the internet space, we will do greater when we know the place we healthy.

A brand name is not a brand.

Let’s be very clear. A model is not a brand. A logo is only the visual expression of a brand name.

Branding specialist Re Perez states, “A manufacturer is a sought after notion.”

Your artwork is created in the studio. Your manufacturer is established in the mind. Not your mind, but in the minds of other people. Your brand name exists in the minds of viewers, buyers, collectors, and gallerists.

Previously mentioned all, being aware of your brand (how you want to be perceived in the eyes of others), assists you make decisions. If chances are not aligned with your brand name, you say No.

Branding tends to make you memorable, which consequently qualified prospects to far more enthusiasts. Branding may also guide to larger prices and extra consistent product sales.

It also aids you make conclusions mainly because your choices ought to align with your brand name.

Your art is the basis for your model.

The initial action to turning into a branded artist is often the function. That implies it appears like you did it and not like a variety of designs by your different mentors or teachers.

This is why studio exercise must come ahead of nearly anything else. You have to make heaps and a lot of artwork!

The moment you have that art, you can imagine about how it ought to be presented in the kind of advertising materials: your web site, blog, business enterprise playing cards, letterhead, brochures, and so forth.

My visitor for this episode of The Art Biz, to converse about her intentional artist brand, is Alexandra Squire.

Alexandra was clear from the get-go about what she wanted her organization and profession to search like. She hired industry experts to assist her pull alongside one another a branded id to current her operate to the planet. And it was generally primarily based on the get the job done. Her solid function backed up the gorgeous packaging.

Alexandra and I speak about her choices, internet marketing, and how she finds time for her portray and enterprise although elevating 3 younger women.

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