October 2, 2023

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David Yarrow Photography: Petra Gut Exhibit at St. Moritz Gets Extended  

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David Yarrow Photography: Petra Gut Exhibit at St. Moritz Gets Extended  

Some of famed photographer David Yarrow’s best works are on display in St. Moritz, and now, viewers will get more time to see his work.

If you’re looking to catch David Yarrow’s photography work at Petra Gut Contemporary, you’re in luck. Yarrow’s groundbreaking work will remain on display until March 26th. The exhibition is hosted in St. Moritz, one of the most prestigious skiing resorts in the world, so not only can you take in fine photography, but you can also capture plenty of powder.

“My show at St. Moritz will go down as an all-time favorite,” David Yarrow notes. “The staff and support have been phenomenal and the guests too have been a delight. I’m glad that we’ve extended my exhibition through the winter.”

David Yarrow’s photography career has taken him around the world, and frequently, to the edges and beyond human civilization. The exhibit at St. Moritz offers some of the best views Yarrow has ever captured, with an emphasis on animals and nature.

Lions, bears, orcas, and other animals are on display at this David Yarrow Photography exhibition. Words fail to do these creatures and Yarrow’s exquisite shots justice. Yarrow is well regarded for using unique angles and close-up views to not simply capture moments but to embody the complexities and beauty of life and nature.

“Each photo was an adventure for me,” David Yarrow explains. “Each moment was a once in a lifetime experience, a captured event in a complex, fast-changing world. I aim not to merely transcribe views but to transport viewers to each scene as it unfolds.”

You can catch a few human-centric photos as well. No matter the photograph, expect to find yourself immersed in an experience, and don’t be surprised if the images stick with you long after your visit.

If you can’t make it to St. Moritz yourself, you can still indulge in a virtual David Yarrow photography exhibition. You can also check out exhibition scenes.

David Yarrow Discusses the Importance of Photography in a Constantly Evolving World

Photography allows us to capture the world as it is today. For better or worse, the Earth is undergoing an incredible period of change and while human civilization has improved our quality of life and increased prosperity, many animals and ecosystems are now endangered.

Through photography, Yarrow works to preserve memories for future generations. He also works to raise awareness of vital issues, such as the decline of wild lions in Africa and the tremendous damage that the ivory trade has inflicted on elephants and other animals.

“Photography is my career, yes, and it’s also a tool that I use to support a variety of causes dear to my heart,” David Yarrow says. “Spending time in nature has allowed me to develop a fuller and deeper appreciation for it. Not everyone will get a chance to see lions or elephants in the wild, but with photography, we can share experiences and raise awareness.”So if you happen to find yourself in Switzerland in the near future, make sure you stop by and see the David Yarrow Photography exhibition. And also, consider taking time to support causes, such as preserving nature.

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