September 25, 2023

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Children’s Party Games For A Fun Filled Party

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Children’s Party Games For A Fun Filled Party

Set the theme of your child’s birthday party with the various children’s party games listed in these series of party games articles.You can use these ideas and make them fit a themed party around your child’s favorite character.This article is a continuation of the previous one in the series of covering children’s party games and ideas for themed parties for kids. If your little ones birthday is coming soon, a themed party is something that might interest you. Not only are these parties very popular with young children but they also turn the event into a memorable one. So if you plan one, here are few more children’s party games ideas for different themes of birthday parties.

  • Dressing up game for a Fairy Birthday Party
  • You will need some preparations for this game. Assign a room where the game is to be played as the dress up room. In different corners of the room place baskets with different times in each such as, magic wand in one, some cheap jewelery in another, tiara’s in one in enough quantity such that each child can have one of each item.Play some music, and let the kids have a dance, and when the music stops, you announce, which item they are to fetch..”Put on a ….Tiara”The kids run around the room to find the tiara and when every one is wearing one, the music begins and game continues with the kids scrambling around to fetch the announced item, each time the music stops.

  • Collect the Chickens eggs for a Farm animals Party
  • Divide the kids in teams of 3 or 4 and let each team have a basket of their own.Scatter a big bag of small balls in the play area. Each team then collects the eggs and places them in their team basket.The team to collect the most eggs wins.

  • Lion says For A Safari party
  • This can be played along the lines of Simon says, but since it is a safari party, we have to listen to the lion. A grown up can be the Lion, and they give instructions to the other animals.The kids have to obey the orders of the adult only if they begin the sentence by saying the words Lion says, and not otherwise.Some fun instructions can be –

    • Hop like a Kangaroo
    • Jump like a Monkey

    The child who misses and performs the task if not said with the words Lion says in them is out of the game.

There are plenty of children’s party games which can be easily transformed into a themed party game for your little ones party, all you need is a bit of excitement and creativity.

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