December 1, 2023

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Changes in Lost Photo Recovery Over the Years

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Changes in Lost Photo Recovery Over the Years

The evolution of photography has been a tremendous one when compared to various other technologies that have evolved over the ages. This is simply because of the fact that photography is nothing similar to what it was ten or twenty years ago. The change is not only in terms of the technology in use, but also with the image quality, techniques used for image capture, the various types of devices used and last but not the least, the data recovery software and the data recovery process used for recovery of deleted or lost photos. In this article we will try and bring out some of these differences in brief.

The first major difference can be said to be with the image capture device that is used. Though the device has remained the same, i.e. the camera, it has changed from the camera that uses the one time use photo sensitive film, to the flash memory used in digital cameras of the present day, which can be reused multiple times. There has also been a tremendous change with respect to the type of camera. Earlier there used to be a single camera that could capture only images and video capture needed to be done using a different camera. Nowadays, the cameras in use are multipurpose in nature, as both image capture and video capture is possible using these cameras.

The second most significant change is in respect with the image processing that is involved. While traditional methods involved processing of the photosensitive film to develop the image to obtain the final photo, the scenario has changed tremendously now. Since flash memory is used for data storage, the captured images can be easily transferred onto the PC from the memory card, and the user himself can edit, delete or keep the captured photos as he wishes and can take a print at his wish at any time.

Photo loss too has developed along with the changes in photography. Earlier photo loss used to occur either due to the film getting damaged physically or due to accidental exposure to light. However, in the new age, the photo loss reasons have changed and there is more than one reason for loss of photos. However, recovery of lost photos was almost impossible earlier, while methods to recover lost photos are many in the present day. Due to the effort put in by data recovery experts, the number of photo recovery software for Mac and Windows that are available online are countless and hence a person who has deleted or lost his photos has more options of recovering the photos.

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