December 1, 2023

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Amazing Engagement Photo Locations in Southern California

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Amazing Engagement Photo Locations in Southern California

We have all seen the engagement photo with the happy couple on the beach. You know- the kissing sunset picture or the girl going on a piggy-back ride while her man tip toes through the water? If you are getting married, you will have to think about where you want to shoot your engagement photos. The question is, do you know where you are going?

These days, many people are looking for something different. We recently shot an engagement session at the old Mission San Juan Capistrano. This is a beautiful location with many different looks and feels. There is a $50 shooting fee that the facility charges but it is worth every penny. The couple ended up with so many perfect shots, it was impossible to choose only one. This is how every session should be!

If you are planning a Spring engagement session (March-May) There is an amazing location outside of San Diego called The Flower Fields in Carlsbad. There are acres upon acres of flowers, gardens, and views of the Pacific Ocean. The cost is $10 per person for admission and there is not a shooting fee. This is by far one of the most original engagement destinations and there are many restaurants nearby to get lunch afterwards. Morning shoots are recommended so you don’t have to deal with the crowds.

Beach engagements are by far the most common. What couples don’t realize is a good engagement photo can be taken just about anywhere. It’s all about having fun, and having an interesting background. We are happy to do sunsets and various barefooted kissing poses, but don’t be surprised if you end up picking the photo you took on the way to the sand by a cool brick wall!

Now that you have all of these amazing pictures, what will you do with them next? The typical signature frame with one photo from the engagement is by far the most common. Most couples don’t know about some other options available that are much more interesting! You may want to consider an engagement photo book where your guests will get to see all of your favorite photos from your session. They actually sign their names and messages on the pages of the book. Another option we offer is an engagement slide show. This is a collection of your favorite photos set to your music. You just need to make sure there is a spot for a TV at the reception area where your guests can watch as they sign in. The DVD slide show automatically loops so it will be playing all night. The best thing about these 2 options is that you will enjoy them for years and years to come and they won’t be stuck in the garage or attic like your signature frame will!

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