October 2, 2023

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Airless Paint Sprayers

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Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless paint sprayers use a pumping action to force paint through a nozzle at the end of the gun. They produce a misty fog that settles fast when it comes into contact with air. These sprayers come in various designs and are made by different companies, examples would be the Graco paint sprayers, Wagner paint sprayers, Campbell Hausfeld and of course the Fuji sprayers. They are usually made for outdoor applications and a consumer usually has a choice for either using a large or a small pump.

The airless paint sprayers offer a good finish on wood siding, wood fences, sheds and garages, metal, stucco, lawn furniture, lattice among other outdoor surfaces. It would also be important to note here that these sprayers come in three types i.e. the diaphragm pump; which is very hardy for ‘do it yourself’ home enthusiasts, piston pump; for professional sprayers, and the Double stroke piston pumps for construction work.

These sprayers come with different price ranges and they can cost anywhere between $150 to $3,000 depending on the type of project to be undertaken and the amount of horse power required. All said and done, before settling for a particular spray gun one should check the air and fluid controls to make sure that they work perfectly.

You should also ensure that the gun is easy to clean. I would go for a gun that makes spraying a pleasure all the time. After you are done with the job of painting it is usually advisable to unplug the gun and release the pressure trapped inside. These is done to avoid accidents that might happen if it is unplugged by someone else. As a precaution it would also be advisable to keep it out of the reach of children all the time. The damage it can do to your child cannot be overlooked.

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