September 23, 2023

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5 Ways to Deal With Yoga Instructor Burn-Out

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5 Ways to Deal With Yoga Instructor Burn-Out

It’s nearly mid-year and you’re feeling like the last 6-months has disappeared in a flash.

And, as a hard-working Instructor and Studio owner, you’re feeling worn-out.

Let’s face it, Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner Burn-out is the dark secret Yoga Industry.

Everyone has experienced it, but no one willingly puts up their hand and says “I feel burned out!”

So what can you do when you’re feeling less than motivated about Instructing?

How can you deal with the insidious fried up feeling and still run your Yoga Studio?

Step 1: Get rid of your list. That’s right, give yourself a few weeks off writing the “to-do” lists that you place all over your house, office and Studio. Stop writing the Post-It notes and leaving them on your car dashboard. Why? Because this act alone is going to make you feel like you’re on a mini-break. Like you’re on a holiday where all you have to do is slip into your natural rhythmns. And, the really important things, will get done! They will be bubble up to the surface and you will get them done, with less fuss than ever before.

Step 2: Sleep. When was the last time you slept in during the week? Maybe when you were ill or on holidays? Give yourself a few mornings where you give yourself permission to sleep until you “can’t sleep no more”! Why? When you feel burned out, like every cell in your body and brain are aching from being tired, you need to rest. What if you can’t just “sleep in” because you’ve got commitments? Reschedule them for a few weeks! If you’re running your own Studio and you’re not able to reschedule a few things, this is a huge sign you need to stop and take a step back.

Step 3: Waste your time. Yes, I want you to do one thing a week that you don’t normally do because, “I haven’t got time…I’m too busy…It’s not really that important to me…” What would it be like if you did download a book off iTunes and just read it all in one sitting? What movie have you really wanted to see, but not “got around to”? How many family gatherings have you avoided or gone home early from because you “need to work early the next day, have to prepare classes”? Why is “wasting time” so important? It brings you back to what’s really important to you. It helps you reconnect with who you are. It softens you and allows your mind, body and spirit to rebalance and refresh.

Step 4: Gratitude. When you’re so wrapped up in running your Studio, it can be really hard to see what’s going on outside. Taking time to express your gratitude to everyone around you is a grounding and sweet process. Sending thank-you cards, making a cake for your neighbor, calling your favorite clients to say, “I really appreciate your support and loyalty”, taking your staff out for a surprise lunch…Looking into the eyes of your partner and children and letting them know how much they mean to you.

Step 5: Be kind to yourself. Your default switch is often set to, “push on, chin up, keep going!” But now is the time to stop and change the switch. Now is the time to adopt a new attitude; to be generous and kind to yourself. If your body is tired and aching from being burned-out, stop working out every day. If your mind is feeling fried from taking on too much, let go and give yourself permission to say “no”.

As you work through these, keep in mind that burn-out is usually temporary.

It’s a sign that change is needed before you can move forward.

Giving yourself permission to say, “I’m burned out and going to look after myself” isn’t a sign of weakness.

And the best thing about accepting that you’re burned out?

It allows you to open your heart and mind as you start treating yourself with more compassion and love.

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